Friday, March 6, 2009

What would I change in our ministry

Today at Summit our DYD(?), Jeffrey Portmann, challenged us with the question: "If you could change one thing in your youth ministry over the next year, what would it be?" I've been mulling that question over in my head all day long, and I haven't been able to come up with a great answer. Tonight I even posed it to two of our youth leaders who made the trip with us, and couldn't get a great answer from them either. Part of that is because we've only been at the church for seven months now, so there are a lot of things we're slowly changing, but the biggest reason is that things are going so amazingly well right now, it's hard to find anything that's really that wrong. And that's a great place to be.

I case you're curious, here are the things we talked about:
1) More small group involvement by our students.

2) Visitation. This is a pretty big one, and the closest we got to a great answer. We need a plan to follow up with our visitors.

3) Connecting more with students on Wednesday nights.

Well, it's off to bed for me, good night.

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