Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sermon Prep: Getting Started

Sometimes I just need to start writing. If I do that then the ideas start to flow. If I don't I'll sit there and stare at a blank screen forever before getting into it. If you're like me, you're always searching for the perfect way to start a message. Something that conveys the essence of the talk, plus grabs people's attention and is usually humorous. But before I get there, there's just a blank canvas sitting before me. Here's a look at how most of my sermons start:


Or some other form of greeting. I do this because the hardest part of writing is getting that first sentence done, and that's usually how I start my sermons anyway. So, my advice for anyone suffering from writers block is just to start writing. Even if it's dumb, you can go back and erase it anyway. What did people do before Word Processors?



Shane Vander Hart said...

I guess they would have had to erase the first sentence. Wow, that would be a pain.

Pastor Jeff Graham said...

I guess they probably used a pencil, so they could erase it easily, but still, what a pain. I'll put waaaayyyy more information down in my notes than I could ever use on a Wed night, but then I go through and trim it down to size. I guess they also probably did a lot of rewrites.