Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Too much stuff going on!

Hey everyone, I know I haven't posted alot lately, but hopefully that will be changing in the next couple weeks and I'll get back into a Tuesday-Thursday schedule. I needed to take a break though and thought I'd throw out a few updates and thoughts that won't make up a whole blog by themselves:

  • We have a new Senior Pastor coming in! I talked with him today for about a half an hour on the phone and he seems like a great guy. I can't wait to really sit down with him and hear about his vision for the church and the community. It's fun to have a new infusion of vision.
  • That means, I don't have to be the Interim anymore! And Tuesday can't come soon enough! Then I get to go back to just being the youth pastor!
  • When I met him he started asking me questions about our house and everything that happened here. It confused me how he knew so much about my life until he admitted to reading my blog.
  • Tiff and I went up to her Grandma's house this last Sunday - Tuesday. Her Grandma had open heart surgery to replace one of the valves in her heart and needed someone to help for a couple days. I spent a lot of time with Tiff's grandpa who has Alzheimer's. It was really tough to deal with him, not because he was mean or frustrating, but because everytime he asked where we were going I wanted to cry. He is so confused and just not with it anymore. He's started getting the shakes too. I pray that God takes him home quickly.
Well, those are my thoughts for now, time to get back to work.


Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day Fun

Hey Everyone,

Today is Valentine's Day and I thought I'd share with you what I'm doing for my wife this year. I hid 25 kids v-day cards around the house and each one had one letter of a message on it. After collecting all the cards she is supposed to check her e-mail, get her comment on Myspace and then figure out that if she clicks the picture it'll bring her here. If you haven't planned anything yet you might be too late for this year, but feel free to steal my idea for next year.


Hey Sunshine,

This is the last stop on your journey, I hope you've had fun with it. I love you sooooooo much. You are a phenomenal woman, a fantastic mom, and you're such a good cook that I can't stop eating even when I know I should. I can't wait to go out tonight, it's gonna be such a blast! Call me when you get this.


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Through God's Eyes

This is an incredibly inspiring blog posted by one of my youth leaders who's only been saved a couple of years. I think all of us need to learn to look at ourselves through God's eyes.

Through Gods Eyes

I know that sometimes people have a hard time feeling good about themselves, so this is something I think may be helpful...I guess I'll start by saying we've all made ''bad choices'', we've all done something that we look at and just wonder....why? After we feel like we have made a huge mistake we begin to judge ourselves, put ourselves down, and believe we are a failure. The problem with that is, that you are not seeing the whole picture. You need to stop looking at yourself through your own eyes. Now I know some of you are probabley thinking...well duh! Isnt that the only way I can look at myself? No. You can look at yourself through Gods eyes. That means that rather then going by how you see yourself, go by how God sees you. I guarantee he dosent look at you and see a failure. He already knew you were going to make mistakes, but Jesus kinda took care of that :) God looks at you and sees someone that he loves soooooo much, and someone he has an amazing plan for. You know, God has a plan just for you...and he wouldnt have givin it to you werent capeable of doing it! So never let your opinion of you get in the way of Gods plans. Next time you feel down, just remember that God sees who you really are....and he thinks your amazing!!!

*If your from my church and your reading this, you should get one of thoes forms in the youth room that tells you who you are in Christ, it will really encourage you!!! Love you guys!!!

What a great post from an amazing woman of God.


Monday, February 11, 2008

Can Huckabee score with Texas?

Mike Huckabee has been my favorite candidate from the start, but this video puts him over the top in my vote. Please, if you live in a state that has a less confusing system than Washington, figure out how to vote for Mike. If you live in Washington, your vote may or may not count anyway, depending on your preferred style of voting. Seriously, we may be becoming the new Florida up here, I'm so confused my head may explode. I see that Huckabee is challenging the caucuses, but I didn't think they counted anyway. Whatever, on to the video:

Thanks to Josh from for this video.