Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My Blog Challenge

A friend of mine (I use that in the social networking sense, I haven't seen him since High School, but from reading his blog I'm sure we could be close) Nic Casey, posted a blog the other day that challenged me in my blogging, and I'm going to try it. He said he was trying to post once a day for a month, and for some reason that really got to me. Blogging for me is an exercise in creativity and a chance to get some of my thoughts down in a public journal. Yet for the last few months I've become pretty set on making this a blog about youth ministry (which it always will be) and I've lost sight of the idea that this blog is about me.

Because of this emphasis on youth ministry, I tried to get my posts together into series (like a preacher would), and I tried to make them applicable to one set of people (youth pastors). What's funny about that is as hard as I try, I never put together sermon series (again, not for lack of effort). Consequently, I never posted. Rather than this blog being the overflow of what God was doing in me and in the ministry, it became a chore.

God has been doing some spectacular things this last month and a half, but it didn't fit into a series so I didn't blog it (except for Bryant's testimony). That's going to change. Who knows, I may even post a survey about myself up here for all to read, if that's what I feel like doing for the day. So all that to say, look out blogosphere, I'M BACK!!!


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