Saturday, March 7, 2009

How to Confront in Love

I hope this works, I'm blogging from the berry today! These are notes I took from one of our interactive sessions by Dan Hunter:

How to correct someone:
1) Get God's wisdom
- Hebrew 12:10-11
- If we get God's wisdom, it will always lead back to His grace.

2) Select the right moment.
- Praise in public and correct in private. - The right moment is not when you're angry. If you're angry, walk away. Get someone else to talk with them first if you need to.
- The wrong moment can make the right correction wrong.
- The goal isn't to be right, it's growth.

3) Be genuinely concerned.
A) listen to them, let them talk
B) watch their reactions
C) help them grow

4) Let them teach themselves
A) ask general questions
B) ask specific questions
C) ask forseeing questions
D) ask loving questions

5) Address the issue directly
- If we beat around the bush, they may leave the meeting without a clear picture of what they did wrong and how to fix the problem.
- don't talk in code, and don't avoid the main question because you're afraid to say the words

6) Go to the root of the problem

7) Challenge them throughout the meeting
- Let them know the mistake they made will not haunt them the rest of their lives.


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I like it Jeff. It's really good and to the point.

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