Monday, March 16, 2009

I Love Youth Leaders

Last night I had a unique experience. A lot youth pastors will laugh when I say this, but there are several out there who are going to nod knowingly, and a few who will be jealous. I say unique because it's something I've rarely had happen to me. So enough stalling, here it is: Our small groups happened and succeeded without Tiffanney or I there. Our leaders are really stepping up, and they've taken small groups to a level that Tiffanney and I could not have gotten them to on our own. It feels like our group is multiplying! I'm loving it!



Anonymous said...

Congrats Jeff! Shower them leaders with praise, candy, praise, high five's, and yes...more candy!...keep up the work connecting to this generation!

Shawn - - your Twitter friend from Sunnyside!

Pastor Jeff Graham said...

Thanks Shawn! i like the candy idea, I need to implement that as soon as possible.