Friday, May 1, 2009

Using Twitter beyond Status Updates

Hey there Tweeple! So maybe you've made the jump into the Twitterverse, and maybe you're still sitting on the fence. Here are 10 reasons why you should be on Twitter!

1) Imagine being able to update your Facebook status via text message.
2) Imagine never missing a status update because they're sent to your phone via text message.
3) If everyone was on Twitter, we could send out announcement reminders to help you plan things easier.
4) If you own a blog, you can set it to update your status everytime you post something to it.
5) If you own a blog, you can set it to update your blog everytime you post something on Twitter.
6) Youth Pastors/Leaders can quickly update parents about changes to events, or let them in on things that are happening on a retreat or missions trip.
7) Twitter is an easy way to get pictures on the internet (check out Twitpic).
8) Twitter is a great way to stay up on current events (go to
9) Twitter is great for networking. Maybe you'll never get a reply from @aplusk (Ashton Kutcher), but many interesting people in different fields use Twitter, and they're ready to talk.
10) Lastly, Twitter is fun when there are a lot of people on it. But do me a favor, post jokes or things you find interesting, not just what you're eating for lunch. Do that, and Twitter will be fun for everyone.

Hopefully I've convinced you, if you have questions about how to do any of the things listed above, leave me a comment.


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