Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Tools I use in Ministry pt3: Pinnacle Dazzle

Last time I posted about how I display powerpoint on a tv during youth group, today I want to talk about one way to get video files onto your computer in the first place. Have you ever wondered how clips from sporting events or tv shows end up on Youtube? For a long time I did. I have satellite tv, a DVR and a DVD burner, but I still couldn't get videos onto my computer that were editable. Enter the Dazzle from Pinnacle:

This handy device allows you to plug RCA cables into your computer via a USB port. Therefore I can now take things saved to my DVR and transfer them to my computer, edit them and then show them as I feel like it. Here is a video that I edited using this process:

There are enormous possibilities with something like this, here's a short list of the ways I've made use of it:

  1. Video Advertisements
  2. For showing funny clips during church
  3. Capturing video from a camera that doesn't have firewire
  4. transferring VHS movies to DVD
A great product and a good value, it has saved me several times when I couldn't think of a clever video on my own.


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Anonymous said...

Dear Pastor Jeff Graham,
Your tips on communication are to the point. May God bless you and enrich your ministry. Jesus is with you always.