Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fools!!!

There are some very funny things going around the internet today, and I thought I'd make you aware of some of them. LifeHacker did a story(featuring Google Blogoscoped) compiling all of the things Google is doing for this special day, here are some of my favs:

  1. Google Book search is reporting that they now support scratch and sniff books. According to them: "Using special equipment and tricky JavaScript, we’re now able to capture some of the smells during the scanning process and then embed them in your web browser when you preview these titles in Google Book Search."
  2. Google Australia has discovered a way to index pages on the internet before they are even created. As the LifeHacker guys joked: "I saw this yesterday already and tried to search for “Google Blogoscoped” and indeed, found this post and opened its Google Cache version – I was then able to copy the full text of the post, which saved me a lot of writing today."
  3. I loved this idea from Search Engine Land, which reports that rather than buying Yahoo for 39 billion dollars, Microsoft is going to pay everyone in America 1 million dollars a year to not use Google. It saves them money AND makes me rich. Everyone wins.
And from around the rest of the internet, here are some blogs that caught me off guard today:
  1. Josh from Morethandodgeball.com is reporting that he is moving to Dubai, having triplets and that Saddleback Community Church is opening 6 international campuses. And you all laughed when I said that Saddleback is taking over the world...
  2. LaShawn Barber says that she has outsourced her blogging for the last year, which is supposed to explain her unnatural obsession with Hanson (my ghostwriter made me do it!).
  3. And lastly, if you're looking for a good computer prank to play on all those unsuspecting people in your life, here is a website that lists some good ones. My favs were the clippy trick where that annoying paperclip guy from MS Office appears randomly and spouts out nonsense, and the one where no matter what you do your mouse tracks up and to the left.
Happy April Fools Day everyone, I hope some of these made you smile, I know they did for me!

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