Saturday, April 26, 2008

Summer Plans

Tomorrow we'll be unveiling our plans for this Summer at church, but for you loyal blog readers, I'll give it to you first.
  1. Summer Camp- We're going to the combined district camp at Silver Lake this year. I've never been to Silver Lake, but I've heard the campus is amazing, plus it's always a pleasure to be able to work with Tyrone Rinta and the team. June 23-27. $195
    1. As a fundraiser, we'll be holding a silent auction/ice cream social on June 1st. Tiffanney and I took about 35 letters to different businesses yesterday in an attempt to get some things donated. If we get something big donated we will probably have a raffle at the same time.
  2. Oroville Missions Trip- I had the opportunity to sit down with Mark and Kristy Schaufler during the NWMN Conference this week and hear their ideas for this trip. It sounds like we're going there to be a blessing to the community and serve people. Putting together a backpack full of school supplies can be just as powerful as a human video or a testimony. But if you can put both together, it's an amazing thing. Late August (not sure of the dates) $225
    1. Churchwide Garage Sale- This year we're thinking about having it during fourth of July weekend. Last year we raised almost $1,000 and took two loads of stuff to the thrift store. Fun times.
In between Summer Camp and the Missions Trip we'll have 6-7 weeks, which is awesome, but I'm thinking that maybe we'll go camping or something. We've gotta do something right?


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