Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Mexi-blog pt3

Thursday June 21st at 1:40pm

Just finished lunch at the Green Burrito and now we’re back for a quick one hour jaunt down to Kingsburg, our resting place for tonight. I can’t wait to change into shorts! I don’t know the temperature down here, but it’s a lot warmer than home.

Somehow we keep missing all of the sub 3 dollar gas stations, and have to fill up at the $3.20 ones. Earlier today we missed a gas station by three blocks. We filled up, turned the corner and were staring at gas $.30 cheaper than what we had just paid. The good news though is that we thought we’d be paying $3.50 a gallon and getting 10 miles to the gallon. We’re getting about 12 mpg. So far we’ve driven over 800 miles and everyone is really toughing it out. I don’t think I’ve heard much complaining at all!

With nothing else to add about the trip (how many different way can you write “Still in the van”), … Wait, I just found out that we’re only 10 miles from Kingsburg! We could be there by two! I’m so excited, I’m wigging out in here. In Kingsburg we’ll be doing some additional practice, but mostly just spending some time getting to know each other better. Tiff and I have some ideas for things we’re gonna do. 4 MILES TO GO!!! I’ll post more later tonight.

Pastor Jeff ;-)

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