Thursday, January 3, 2008

NFL Playoffs

Every year it's fun to try and see just how little I know about football. This year is no exception, the only difference is that I have a blog and I can post my stupidity on the internet for all to see. Not that anyone cares, but here's how I see the playoffs shaking out:


Wild Card Round
(6) Tennessee at (3) San Diego- San Diego
(5) Jacksonville at (4) Pittsburgh- Jacksonville

Divisional Round
(3) San Diego at (2) Indianapolis- Indy
(5) Jacksonville at (1) New England- NE

Championship Round
(2) Indianapolis at (1) New England- Indianapolis

So here's my logic on the AFC: New England looks tired and their defense is suspect. Indianapolis has a great running game and a strong defense, and I think they prevail.


(6) Washington at (3) Seattle- Seattle
(5) New York at (4) Tampa Bay- New York

(3) Seattle at (2) Green Bay- Green Bay
(5) New York at (1) Dallas- New York

(5) New York at (2) Green Bay- Green Bay

I would love to write the Seahawks into the Superbowl, and if they were playing Dallas instead of Green Bay I know they'd win it, but the Packers seem to have destiny written all over them this year. They may win it all, and I wouldn't be surprised one bit. Dallas is done, they peaked too early and they'll be missing TO for the game. There are no other contenders in the NFC.

Super Bowl
Indianapolis over Green Bay 31-17
Two very similar teams here, but it seems like Indy does everything just a little bit better than the Packers. Welcome to the Indy dynasty and shame on everyone for overlooking going into the playoffs.

Thoughts on the Seahawks:
They should roll in their first game against Washington. The only scenario in which Washington wins is if they get to Hassleback on the blitz. The 'Hawks have had trouble picking up the blitz all year long, and Washington loves to send pressure. Still I think they mix in some quick passes when the blitz is coming or run some draw plays and move the ball anyway. Todd Collins has been pretty good, but I wouldn't have any faith in him heading to Seattle in his first playoff game. It's just not going to happen.

My Pick: Seahawks over the Redskins, 27-10

Here's hoping for a great second season and a Seahawks miracle run,


Judy said...

Yeah, the Pack definitely should've won it - it was their year... oh well! Hopefully Favre will come back again next year and have a fire under him for another ring!

...Did you know that I'm a diehard Cheesehead? Even grew up in Green Bay - a 1/2 mile from Lambeau Field!

Pastor Jeff Graham said...

When I wrote this I knew it was a stretch to pick Indy, but I didn't think there was a way the Pack would lose. Especially after they destroyed the Hawks. Oh well, maybe next year.