Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

Here's a couple quick thoughts for you today, enjoy!

I stumbled across this cool looking video trailer today. Ben Stein (I had no idea he was a Christian) is creating a documentary that talks about the "blacklisting" that is occurring of Creation Scientists. In the video he makes the point that if darwinists were confidant in their own views, they wouldn't feel the need to squash creationists. I can't speak to any sort of conspiracy that's happening, but why won't they let creation science be taught in a public school class room?

In other news on the creationist front, an article was published recently by a New England newspaper that criticized Creationists. Here is a quote from Ken Ham, Founder of Answers in Genesis, that he posted on his blog:

In a mocking news piece by a well-known columnist with a New England paper, the writer discusses the election and statements made by one candidate indicating his belief in Creation. The columnist then makes statements concerning the belief that the Creation Week in Bible was seven literal days:

It’s wrong. Dead wrong.

Seven days is wrong, even as a metaphor.

Seven days is wrong as duration.

Seven days is wrong as sequence.

Then, obviously to imply they should not be allowed to do so, he says, “These people vote.”

I think it's important to see the battle lines being drawn all around us, but standing up and complaining won't help anything. If we want to see the tide change in our post-christian society, the answer lies not in political rallies but in prayer meetings. We will change our country on our knees.


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