Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Through God's Eyes

This is an incredibly inspiring blog posted by one of my youth leaders who's only been saved a couple of years. I think all of us need to learn to look at ourselves through God's eyes.

Through Gods Eyes

I know that sometimes people have a hard time feeling good about themselves, so this is something I think may be helpful...I guess I'll start by saying we've all made ''bad choices'', we've all done something that we look at and just wonder....why? After we feel like we have made a huge mistake we begin to judge ourselves, put ourselves down, and believe we are a failure. The problem with that is, that you are not seeing the whole picture. You need to stop looking at yourself through your own eyes. Now I know some of you are probabley thinking...well duh! Isnt that the only way I can look at myself? No. You can look at yourself through Gods eyes. That means that rather then going by how you see yourself, go by how God sees you. I guarantee he dosent look at you and see a failure. He already knew you were going to make mistakes, but Jesus kinda took care of that :) God looks at you and sees someone that he loves soooooo much, and someone he has an amazing plan for. You know, God has a plan just for you...and he wouldnt have givin it to you werent capeable of doing it! So never let your opinion of you get in the way of Gods plans. Next time you feel down, just remember that God sees who you really are....and he thinks your amazing!!!

*If your from my church and your reading this, you should get one of thoes forms in the youth room that tells you who you are in Christ, it will really encourage you!!! Love you guys!!!

What a great post from an amazing woman of God.


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