Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Getting ready

Packing is always an interesting experience. We're getting ready to go to Indy for General Council and I'm seriously dragging my feet. It's 11:15 right now and we need to leave here by 3, so I've still got a little time. And the fact is Tiff did ALL of the hard work yesterday. (Side note: There is a story on the news right now about cancelled flights and missed connections, I hope this isn't forshadowing things to come.) Tiff really stepped up and got the whole house clean, along with Melody and Alicia. So all I need to do is throw some clothes in a bag. One thing I hate about packing is this feeling that I'm forgetting something. I always think to myself that I need to make a checklist, but then I never do. Well, I guess I need to get started... (Side note again: It looks like it's raining and 90 degrees right now in Indianapolis, *sigh*)


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