Tuesday, March 20, 2007

My first post

Hey all,

If you're seeing this then my first transmission is successful. I plan on using this for everything that my Myspace blog was used for, and will eventually do away with that entirely. I think Myspace is outliving it's usefulness anyway. But I won't go into that here. My goal for this blog is to let everyone into the scary innerworkings of a youth pastors brain (ya know, clogged with way too much pizza, video games and the word like, which is used waaaaayy to much). If some of my posts are a little incoherent, it's probably the result of trying to keep up with students at an all-nighter (who am I kidding, you guys are SOFT! I could outlast you anyday!) or more likely I'm completely frustrated by trying to find the church van keys in the snow.

So that's what I'm about, please comment on my blogs, it helps me feel loved.


PS: I'll be back later with some discussion on biblical archaeology, before our discussion tomorrow night at the Oasis.

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